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Wednesday, October 07, 2015
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Alerts and Reminders Features Now Available.
Now you can select alerts and reminders that will help you manage your Coastal Electric account. Schedule a text message and/or an email to remind you of your due date. Or if you already pay automatically, set up an alert that tells you when your bank paid your monthly bill. It's free and you can change it any time.

Co-op Connections Card
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Start/Stop Electric Service

Are you establishing new service to your residence? Use our free, on-line form to connect your service. Since electricity is billed after it is used, we may require a security deposit before completing your request for service. We'll perform a credit check to determine whether a deposit is required for Coastal Electric customers.

 Are you moving and need to cancel service for your residence? Complete our online form to stop service and billing

 If you need to speak directly to a Coastal Electric representative about starting or stopping your service, call us at 1-800-421-2343 or (912) 884-3311.

View your daily electricity usage

Your daily electricity usage is available at the touch of a button. Take advantage of our free online service that helps you  become a more knowledgeable consumer. Your own "Smart Meter" data is available to you via our online portal empowering you to monitor your daily usage and reduce the energy you use.

To view your current meter usage, use the menu by way of My Account - Account History - Usage History. You must be registered to use this feature. 


Advance Pay is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers the opportunity to pay for your electricity when you want, in the amounts you want. Instead of receiving a traditional paper bill each month, usage is calculated daily. Advance Pay Members never pay a late charge, disconnect fee, or reconnect fee. New Members pay a standard refundable $5 membership fee.

Would it be easier for you to make weekly or biweekly payments rather than one large payment each month? If so, Advance Pay electricity may be for you. Members who choose prepaid electricity programs say it helps them to lower electric consumption due to a greater awareness of usage patterns. Therefore, any Member interested in monitoring and lowering their electricity use could potentially benefit from the Advance Pay program.

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